Welcome to Ledger Status

Ledger Status is a new site dedicated to fundamental and technical analysis of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Welcome to Ledger Status!

My goal is to cater to people interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, so they can do what they do better and more informed.

Who’s behind Ledger Status?

I run a trade magazine in the tech world, and Ledger Status is an experiment to expand my portfolio.

I’m a writer, developer, and entrepreneur. I’m a veteran of the open source software world, and I’m attracted to the open source nature of many blockchain platforms. I’ve also been trading traditional stocks for more than 15 years — since I was in early high school — and love that this space allows me to stretch my legs on that front.

With Ledger Status, I’ll share what I’m learning about the exciting crypto ecosystem.

The goal for Ledger Status is to provide analysis (fundamental and technical) on various crypto assets and the organizations behind them, as well as share pretty much anything else that comes to mind about the industry.

I am not a cryptocurrency or blockchain expert. Like most people in this space, I am new to it. However, I am a voracious learner, and I think some folks out there can benefit from me sharing as I learn.

My aim is to earn your trust as readers and friends in the crypto community.

How I’ll write

The aim for this website is to stand out with relevant, practical information that covers the entire landscape. Sometimes I will do price analysis (and you should always DYOR!), and other times I’ll do more deep dives on the fundamentals of an asset or component of the crypto world.

I will undoubtedly use plenty of my own opinion, based on my own analysis and conversations with others — like I always do in my writing. I will be sharing about crypto broadly, and will attempt to not be a zealot about a singular platform, or coin, even though I do have my favorites.

What to look out for

This site is a new endeavor, and will surely evolve over time. To start, I’ll be posting both short form and and long form free articles. Additionally, I’m exploring formats for a podcast about the industry. I love podcasting and some of the most in-depth learning I’ve done so far in this space is listening to other folks in the community talk about their work.

The best thing to do right now is to subscribe to the newsletter, and follow the site’s Twitter account @ledgerstatus. I’ll be pushing new content to each location, as it’s put out.

I am excited to launch this endeavor and to get started with dedicated coverage and stories about the growing crypto landscape. I hope you’ll follow along with me.