Top 10 Crypto Twitter Influencers to Block

Just block these people and improve your Crypto Twitter life. It’s that simple.

Crypto Twitter can be a wonderful or a terrible place. This guide should help you generally enjoy Crypto Twitter more.

Craig Wright

Scammers gonna scam, and this is the biggest scammer of them all.

Thankfully, Twitter has already blocked him for you with a worthy ban!

Crypto Bully

If you enjoy awful takes, keep him around. But generally, Bully is the nicest guy with the worst takes. If you need to manage your blood pressure, hit that block button.

Donny Crypto

If the new-money offensive and cocky type floats your boat, then don’t block Donny. Otherwise, smash that button.

Empty Beer Bottle

If the worst cup and handle charts and low-brow shills are okay by you, then by all means follow. But if you respect the art of chartistry then absolutely block empty.


“Nocoin” Rick is the best contra-indicator in crypto and politics. That’s the only reason to not block; so that you can countertrade every ounce of his sentiment. But if you enjoy your sanity, then block Rick.

Larp Capital

Nobody larps harder than Larp Capital. Far from a messianic figure, the only reason to follow Larp is for some periodic pics of gym comedy. But let’s be honest, you can get gym comedy anywhere and not have to deal with these endless larping moonshot paper trade calls.

Crypto Dale

By far the weakest link in the inferior crypto podcast Crypto Street, the only thing you need to know about Dale is that his favorite beer is Busch Light. When you drink D grade beer, it shows everything else you need to know about the person.