Ledger Status is open to partnership opportunities for the website, podcast, and video content.

Ledger Status Reach

My reach is primarily through Twitter (~68k followers), the podcast, my newsletter, and YouTube. Engagement via Twitter has been significant.

The website is new and gets a few hundred visitors per day. When I post original content (a non-podcast blog post) I’ve gotten a few thousand visits to the post. I’m releasing new features (coin information pages, a crypto dictionary, etc) that should aid in creating new traffic.

The newsletter list is new and growing.

I will be utilizing this more as site content increases.

Podcast statistics and subscribers

Ledger Cast is a weekly podcast that lasts from 45 minutes to around 1 hour and 15 minutes. It revolves around industry news and trading, with interview episodes as well.

The podcast is currently weekly with the potential to become a twice weekly show. We have 40+ ratings in iTunes and have been featured in the top 25 Tech podcasts several times in the days following an episode release.

Episodes receive between 5-11k downloads (web, iTunes, Google Play) in the first week. That number has been growing as the show becomes more established.

The podcast is also distributed to YouTube, which has 2500+ subscribers and growing, as it’s a new channel.

Sponsorship opportunities

Potential partners can choose to participate in a variety of ways: single episodes, blocks of episodes, or a site-wide sponsor. I am especially interested in a site-wide sponsor to include web, social, podcast, and YouTube promotion.

Please contact me if you’re interested to discuss pricing.

Right to refuse

I take these partnerships seriously. If your product or service is not one I endorse, am willing to use (or actively use), or don’t agree with, then I may choose not to accept the sponsorship. This is my full discretion.

I am not open to direct ICO partnerships (I won’t directly promote your ICO sale).

I am open to having partners that have a crypto asset, but will not promote the asset itself — only the platform, protocol, dApp, or product that the asset is used for.

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