No, Metal, you’re not a Libra killer. The only thing dead is your token.

“We’re looking to beat bitcoin.” Translation: I hope this will work well enough so I can make more bitcoin by dumping all over the suckers who buy into this PR stunt.

Dear Metal, I’m sorry, but no. You’re not a Libra killer, and now you’re desperately trying (and to my dismay somewhat succeeding) to hype yourself using someone who literally nobody takes seriously — Erik Finman.

The interns at Coin Telegraph are on board.

And you duped Yahoo! to cover your charade. How many outlets did you try before you had to give the scoop to Yahoo?

Founded in September, Metal Pay has processed approximately $11 million in total payments from nearly 130,000 registered users across 38 states. On a monthly basis, the company processes $1 million in crypto or fiat for around 30,000 active users, according to Hayner.

September of 2017, right? And processing $1 million. One million! Your market cap, after declining more than 97%, is still nearly $19 million.

The toughest thing about falling 97% is that you can fall another 97%.

You know, since your presale was as low as 5 cents. Incredibly, the earliest buyers (had they not dumped) are still in profit.

From the whitepaper

It looks like sometime in 2018, you gave up on the ole Volumizer strategy.

There were even a couple of delistings (and relistings) in the mix, which makes your abysmal lifetime chart just a bit harder to track.

2017 Metal at least had the decency to attempt scam pumps by hyping Richard Branson.

Finman staked a modest amount of bitcoin to finance the development of the banking and exchange ecosystem, he said, which currently holds approximately $2 million in crypto and fiat on the platform. Though Finman is willing to put in his entire “400 something” bitcoin fortune to fund Metal Pay’s growth, the 20 year old told CoinDesk.

“We’re looking to beat bitcoin,” Finman said.

“We’re looking to beat bitcoin.”

As Nomad is fond of stating, el oh el.

Good luck, Erik, you’re gonna need it.