Learn Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading cryptocurrency can be more challenging than it appears from the outside. Just onboarding your first dollars to an exchange can be tough, and it’s even more challenging to do anything beyond buying and holding.

It’s difficult to know what to learn, where to start, and how to trade cryptocurrency effectively. It’s addicting to just stare at your portfolio on your phone while price swings wildly in one direction or the other. When it goes up, the euphoria fills you. When it goes down, you panic.

It’s natural human psychology, and even if you don’t know it right now, obeying those psychological instincts can often times limit your profit potential — or worse cause you to lose money.

If you’ve been around a while but are ready to get serious about technical trading and proper risk management, you’re in the right place. I’ve been trading stocks since I was fifteen, and have dug hard into crypto over the last year and a half. If you’re a new trader, I’ll give you the tools to get going to avoid the common pitfalls most face.

Ledger Status Learn helps you learn the key elements of technical and fundamental analysis, as well as guidance in taming your emotions, managing risks, making good use of your time, and more.

Paying attention to every minute of price action isn’t for most people. You can successfully trade crypto without it taking over your life. In this course, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve had to learn in this ecosystem — and some stuff I’ve had to unlearn. At times it is significantly different than traditional markets, but at the end of the day, it’s just another market.

The things you learn here will equip you to tackle the volatile and exciting world of crypto investing, as well as just about any other tradable asset.

Learn is on hold for new entrants. See ya soon.