Community Conduct And Member Guide


Welcome to Ledger Status. I look forward to you being part of this community! I want to note a few things to help get you situated with Ledger Status, Ledger Status Learn, and any other Ledger Status entity, to understand our expectations for members.

Community Conduct Policy

First off, a brief reminder of our community conduct policy. That is:

  • Be nice, courteous, and generally give folks the benefit of the doubt.
  • Follow the golden rule, by treating others as you wish to be treated.
  • Abuse of any kind is not tolerated, and if we discover it, you may be removed from all chat applications and as a member at our sole discretion.
  • Keep conversations focused, in some form or fashion, around crypto, trading, and things that affect other community members. All channels are on topic channels.
  • Some topics (politics, religion, etc) that are especially sensitive for many people, should be off limits.
  • Some members may be “influential community members” you want to talk with privately. While it’s fine to engage those people at times, please remember this community is not for unlimited 1:1 education, so if you need specific support or help, please use appropriate avenues, or contact Brian (@LedgerStatus).

If you ever identify someone not following this conduct policy, please message @ledgerstatus or immediately. Or email support @

Explore Channels

Please look around at the variety of Discord channels available to you! Pretty much any conversation is safe for #general (as long as it follows the policy above), but there are many other distinct topics. Check out #altcoins, #fundamentals, #technicals, #alerts, and even #equities (stocks) for instance. Each class of Learn also has a private and dedicated channel for discussion around recent lessons. Also from time to time we may hop into voice channels for live market updates or to just chat.

Important Ledger Status Features & Places

To view information about your account, go to the “My Account” page. From here you can update your account details, get links for the affiliate program, view your orders, and more.

One of the biggest features of Ledger Status are course¬†videos, which are released on a scheduled basis. They are emailed to Learn members and also available on the website at any time, findable from the “My Account” page. Please add my email address to your contacts when you join so that you get all emails to your primary inbox and not spam or promotion boxes.

Thanks for being a member!

I hope you enjoy Ledger Status, and thank you again for being a member. If you have questions, you can direct message @ledgerstatus, or if you need support, fill out the form at and it’ll hit our Help Scout account.

Thanks, and enjoy!

– Brian Krogsgard / Ledger Status