Vertcoin A Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency optimizing for GPU mining

Vertcoin is an open-source payment protocol similar to Bitcoin that optimizes for GPU miners.


Vertcoin was created in 2014 as an alternative Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain that optimized for allowing and protecting GPU mining. The Vertcoin team build and deployed the protocol in response to seemingly increasing mining centralization in lager PoW like Bitcoin. "ASIC resistance" is the main feature, value, and goal of Vertcoin developers.


Vertcoin originally used a Scrypt-N algorithm for consensus in 2014. Since then, the Vertcoin blockchain adapted to Scrypt-N specific ASIC miners and built the Lyra2RE algorithm. The Vertcoin blockchain forked in December 2014 to start using this new algorithm. Lyra2RE is designed to give GPU miners more network leverage against AISC miners.