Tierion Universal platform for data verification

Tierion aims to be a universal equivalent for safeguarding digital data.


Tieron was launched in early 2015 to introduce a simpler way to anchor data onto a single blockchain transaction. Along with the launch, the Chainpoint protocol, the first standard proof format for anchoring data to a blockchain, was also introduced. Chainpoint is the first service on the Tierion Network and serves as the technical foundation for future services on the Tieron Network.


Tierion is “anchored" into the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain, meaning that it creates a proof that links data to a transaction to the relevant blockchain. The proof allows anyone to verify the data’s integrity and timestamp. In order to provide an economic incentive to secure the network infrastructure, the Tierion Network was launched in 2017.

Anyone can join the Tierion Network by running a node, and each Node serves as a mini-Tierion. Node operators can provide users with services using the Tierion Network Token, an ERC20 token, as a method of settlement between parties to access network resources.