LBRY Credits A blockchain for peer-to-peer content distribution

LBRY is a secure, peer-to-peer content distribution network for all content and media types.


LBRY is an open-source blockchain protocol designed to support permissionless sharing of published content. LBRY compensates users for creating and sharing content, borrowing from the protocol design characteristics of BitTorrent and Bitcoin. The LBRY blockchain was created to introduce a new open-source, community-driven content platform for hosting, streaming, and sharing content while prioritizing user ownership and privacy.

The LBRY blockchain was developed with the motivation of challenging centralized content creation and distribution models. LBRY is deployed by LBRY Inc., which is developing a LBRY application for users to more easily interact with the LBRY blockchain protocol.


Bitcoin fork with additional hash to store lbry claim information along by name and LBC bid amount