Eidoo An online multi-crypto wallet and exchange service

Eidoo is a multi-asset cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service with the native EDO token.


Eidoo is a cryptocurrency wallet designed to support a variety of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all ERC-20 compliant tokens on Ethereum. The Eidoo wallet enables users to store their simple backup phrase on the user's device and recover accounts through the Eidoo Recovery Tool feature. Eidoo's native hybrid exchange allows exchanging any assets stored in a user's wallet.


The Eidoo wallet optimizes for supporting as many assets as possible and seamless exchange functionality for all supported assets. Eidoo supports separate development teams for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other supported assets to develop the wallet optimized for each asset. The hybrid exchange feature enables conversion from any ERC-20 token to ETH and the team is building for similar functionality for supported assets exchanged for Bitcoin via a Eidoo decentralized exchange (DEX). Eidoo also offers an "ICO Engine" feature where users can select to automatically participate in token offering events on Bitcoin and Ethereum.