Centrality Blockchain platform and venture studio

Centrality is a venture studio to create a marketplace of decentralized applications


Centrality is a venture studio that connects businesses to help them acquire users, services, content and merchants allowing them to scale faster and giving their users a more seamless experience. Startups gain access to Centrality's component library which allows a full suite of tools from the Centrality Platform toolkit, including Login with Blockchain, Hybrid Wallet, Blockchain Everywhere, API / SDK, Common Microservices, Big Data Platform, Smart Contract Generator and Token Factory.

The Centrality Platform helps blockchain developers incubate their dApp on a consortium blockchain where constraints of performance and cost don't exist, while providing a market place for different apps to share in the user, data, merchant and content pool across the platform, enabling. It also enables dApps to be ready for an eventual ICO by providing advisory investment banking support services and post-ICO services like exchange listing, ongoing reporting and performance monitoring.


The Centrality Platform is built on an Ethereum based consortium chain to reduce latency and congestion and avoid network fees when creating transactions. This base layer provides the basic infrastructure to build applications on top. It manages basic functions like how nodes talk to each other, how consensus is maintained and how information is stored on the network.

On top of the network layer are the core services like Sylo, SingleSource, CentraPay, and CENNZX allowing developers to build applications with ease. These services work differently than traditional on chain dapps because they will have access to special permissions and APIs.

The native CENNZ token is used for staking on the network to maintain security and allows users to receive CENTRAPAY tokens which can be used for gas in the network. CENNZ are also required to perform a number of tasks such as reserving name space if developers want a domain inside of the network, creating a token or upvoting dApps to be a 'core dApp"