Ambrosus A blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises

Ambrosus is a blockchain protocol designed for transparency in enterprise food and pharmaceutical supply chains via an Internet of Things network.


Ambrosus is a blockchain-base protocol built on Ethereum for supply chains designed and deployed to improve the quality and transparency of the complex supply chains for life-essential products, specifically food and medicine, according to the white paper. Ambrosus is optimizing for a sufficiently flexible protocol that can be used for any sort of shipped good and supply chain as well as a plug-and-play structure that allows anyone to use and develop on the platform. The Amber token is the name of the native ERC-20 compliant asset for the Ambrosus protocol.


Ambrosus is an ERC-20 compliant token-based protocol built on Ethereum designed for enterprise and food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Ambrosus is encouraging development and use of this platform by developing a toolkit for app creation on the platform and an API, which the Ambrosus team says is tailored to the needs of food and pharmaceutical supply chain participants. Ambrosus has also launched a JavaScript interface that sits on top of the blockchain layer and allows users to develop to the platform without any programming knowledge.