About Ledger Status

Ledger Status is a site for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It’s a collection of resources, fundamental and technical analysis, and stories on all things crypto.

Ledger Status launched in late September, 2017 with a goal to inform people interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency space.

I run a trade magazine in the tech world, and Ledger Status is the second publication in my portfolio.

I’m a writer, developer, and entrepreneur. I’m a veteran of the open source software world, and I’m attracted to the open source nature of many blockchain platforms. I’ve also been trading traditional stocks for more than 15 years — since I was in early high school — and love that this space allows me to stretch my legs on that front.

With Ledger Status, I share what I’m learning about the exciting crypto ecosystem.

The goal for Ledger Status is to provide analysis (fundamental and technical) on various crypto assets and the organizations behind them, as well as anything else that comes to mind about the industry.

Like many participants, I am relatively new to the crypto space — having entered it in Spring, 2017. However, I am a voracious learner, and I think folks out there can benefit from me sharing as I learn.

My aim is to earn your trust as readers and friends in the crypto community.

Ledger Status may periodically accept guest posts and user submitted stories. If you would like write for Ledger Status or submit a story you think we should cover, please get in touch.

You can also find @LedgerStatus on Twitter. I post lots of charts and various thoughts there.